Transferring a licence

Automatically transferable licences

With changes in legislation in 2018, licences over Crown land may now transfer automatically depending on the type of licence.

Licences that provide a benefit to freehold or leasehold land (for example, domestic waterfront licences, pump site and pipeline licences and access licences) will automatically transfer when the freehold or leasehold land is transferred.

When a licence automatically transfers, the purchaser will become liable for any rent, fees or other amounts on the licence account, including any arrears as at the date of transfer. Conveyancers and solicitors will need to undertake a conveyancing search with the department so that adjustments can be made at the time of settlement for any outstanding or overpaid monies on the account.

However, licences that do not provide a benefit to any freehold or leasehold land will not automatically transfer and will not require any adjustments to be made at settlement. In these instances an application to revoke the existing licence and grant a new licence will need to be made with the department.

For more information read the automatic licence transfers frequently asked questions

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