Domestic waterfront precincts

There are 14 regional precincts located in NSW for the purpose of calculating domestic waterfront rents. These 14 precincts were determined by consideration of distinct waterways, the number of properties and variation of SLVs within each waterway.

The maps and descriptions below show the location of each regional precinct.

Note that PSLV figures and Rates of Return are for the 2017/18 financial year. The administration fee is subject to annual adjustments as shown on your land account notice.

How the fee is calculated

Total annual charge ($) = annual administration fee + annual rental charge
The annual rental charge covers the occupation and use of public land below the mean high water mark (MHWM) and is calculated using the four elements in the formula below.
Annual rental charge ($)=Precinct Statutory Land Value ($/m2) x occupancy area (m2) x discount factor (50%) x precinct specific rate of return (%)
The calculation of Precinct Statutory Land Values (PSLV) is on a 3-year rolling average to coincide with timeframes used to update the rate of return the other key variable in the rental formula.
SLV for each property within a precinct ($/m2)=3-year average SLV of waterfront property+ 3-year average SLV of its adjoining occupancy  
over area of waterfront freehold property + area of its adjoining occupancy


Far North Coast

PrecinctFar North Coast
Currently covers From Tweed River to Richmond River. Includes inlet at Kingscliff, Cudgen Creek
Old precincts Ballina East, Ballina West, Kingscliff, Murwillumbah, Richmond, Tweed
Rate per m2 $3.84
PSLV $380
Rate of return 2.02%
Discount factor 50%

Mid North Coast

PrecinctMid North Coast
Currently coversFrom Clarence River to Greater Taree and the Manning River. Includes Bellingen River, Nambucca Head, waterway south of Valla Beach, Lower Nambucca, and Hastings River
Old precinctsBellingen, Clarence, Greater Taree, Hastings, Lower Nambucca, The Anchorage.
Rate per m2$1.22
PSLV $117
Rate of return 2.09%
Discount factor 50%


Currently covers Great Lakes from Wallamba River to Karuah River and including Myall River, Karuah River down to Port Stephens and including upstream of Williams River from Raymond Terrace
Old precincts Great Lakes, North Arm Cove, Port Stephens, Tea Gardens, Wallamba Cove.
Rate per m2 $0.74
PSLV $111
Rate of return1.34%
Discount factor 50%

Lake Macquarie

PrecinctLake Macquarie
Currently coversEntire Lake Macquarie foreshore
Old precinctsLake Macquarie 1, Lake Macquarie 2, Lake Macquarie 3.
Rate per m2 $6.17
PSLV $596
Rate of return2.07%
Discount factor 50%

South Coast

PrecinctSouth Coast
Currently coversFrom Shoalhaven and Crookhaven Rivers to Tabourie Creek. Includes Currarong Creek, Currambene Creek, St Georges Basin – Sussex Inlet, Conjola Lake, Burrill Lake
Old precinctsBurrill Lake, Conjola Lake, Crookhaven-Shoalhaven, Currambene Creek, Currarong Creek, St Georges Basin-Sussex Inlet, Tabourie.
Rate per m2 $2.98
PSLV $488
Rate of return1.22%
Discount factor 50%

Far South Coast

PrecinctFar South Coast
Currently coversFrom Clyde River to Wonboyn River. Includes Tomaga River, Moruya River, Tuross River, Wagonga Inlet, Wallaga Lake, Merimbula Lake, and Pambula River
Old precinctsClyde River, Pambula-Merimbula, Tomaga-Moruya-Tuross, Wagonga- Wallaga, Wonboyn.
Rate per m2 $1.38
PSLV $277
Rate of return1.22%
Discount factor 50%

Tuggerah Lakes

PrecinctTuggerah Lakes
Currently covers Entire Tuggerah Lake foreshore
Old precincts Tuggerah Lakes
Rate per m2 $4.01
PSLV $386
Rate of return 2.08%
Discount factor 50%

Brisbane Waters

PrecinctBrisbane Waters
Currently covers Entire Brisbane Waters foreshore from Booker Bay around to Wagstaffe and includes Terrigal Lagoon
Old precincts Brisbane Water East, Brisbane Water West.
Rate per m2 $7.36
PSLV $846
Rate of return 1.74%
Discount factor 50%


Currently covers Hawkesbury River extending up into the Macdonald and Colo rivers
Old precincts Hawkesbury River 1 WAO, Hawkesbury River 2 WAO, Hawkesbury River 3, Hawkesbury River 4 WAO, Hawkesbury River 5.
Rate per m2 $1.81
PSLV $261
Rate of return 1.39%
Discount factor 50%


Currently covers Entire Pittwater foreshore from the reserve opposite Palm Beach around to Coasters Retreat, includes Scotland Island and Narrabeen Lagoon
Old precincts Narrabeen Lagoon, Pittwater 1, Pittwater 2, Pittwater 3, Pittwater 4, Pittwater WAO.
Rate per m2 $6.86
PSLV $1,247
Rate of return 1.10%
Discount factor 50%

Georges River East

PrecinctGeorges River East
Currently coversFrom San Souci on the northern side and Taren Point on the southern side to the Como Bridge
Old precinctsRMS Precinct 7, Georges River 1, Georges River 2.
Rate per m2 $12.47
PSLV $1,599
Rate of return1.56%
Discount factor 50%

Georges River West

PrecinctGeorges River West
Currently covers Runs west along Georges River from the Como Bridge including Mill Creek and south along Woronora River
Old precinctsGeorges River 3, Georges River 4 WAO, Georges River 5.
Rate per m2 $8.21
PSLV $864
Rate of return1.90%
Discount factor 50%

Port Hacking East

PrecinctPort Hacking East
Currently coversFrom Cronulla Peninsula to Yowie Bay
Old precinctsPort Hacking 1, Port Hacking 2
Rate per m2 $10.87
PSLV $1,393
Rate of return1.56%
Discount factor 50%

Port Hacking West/South

PrecinctPort Hacking West/South
Currently coversFrom Yowie Bay around Port Hacking waterway to Bundeena Bay
Old precincts Port Hacking 3
Rate per m2 $8.38
PSLV $887
Rate of return1.89%
Discount factor 50%