Domestic waterfront licence

If you want to have facilities such as jetties, berthing areas, boat ramps, slipways and pontoons on foreshore Crown land adjoining your property, you will need a domestic waterfront licence.

The department issues these licences to individuals for the use of submerged and tidal Crown land where there is direct access to Crown land. By managing built structures on our waterways through appropriate licencing, we can ensure that waterways are not overcrowded and are balanced with the public’s right to foreshore access.

The domestic waterfront licence agreement outlines the responsibility of the licence holder over the life cycle of the structure, from initial granting of licence, ownership, care and maintenance, rent and payments, indemnity and insurance, through to the removal of a structure.

Our purchasing a waterfront property fact sheet, domestic waterfront guidelines, rent fact sheet and standard terms and conditions provide further information.

For information on sublicencing read the sublicencing frequently asked questions, template sublicencing terms and conditions and the deed poll template.

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