Crown land is available for lease to help local communities and economies grow and prosper.

A lease of Crown land gives exclusive use over a particular piece of land for a specified term and purpose. Generally, leases are sought over Crown land where longer-term security is important, such as for commercial purposes.

Crown land is a valuable resource for maritime, industrial and extractive industries, as well as residential and tourist development.

The department makes leasing opportunities available through public competition, closed tender or, in limited cases, by direct negotiation.

Commercial leaseholders pay market rent and leases are recorded on title.

Assessing a lease application

The department considers each lease application individually, taking into account:

  • departmental and other government policies
  • land assessment
  • native title
  • Aboriginal land claims
  • site inspection
  • development consent
  • valuation
  • drafting and negotiating terms and conditions.

For information about leases and licences for oyster farming on Crown land, refer to the oyster farming fact sheet.

More information about Crown land leases can be found in the Guideline - Management of Crown land leases and the Guideline - Leasing Crown land.

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    Transferring a lease

    The legislation under which the lease was granted and the specific conditions and restrictions on title of the lease may mean that you need the consent of a minister before transferring a lease.

  2. Farmer on plane perpetual leases

    Perpetual leases

    Check the latest arrangement around perpetual leases and requirements.

  3. Dirt road enclosure permit

    Buying your lease

    New legislation has come into force that allows eligible leaseholders to purchase their Western lands lease.

  4. Sunrise over Broken Hill. Image: Destination NSW

    Western lands leases

    Almost half of NSW falls within the Western Division. Find out more about land use and Western lands leases.

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    Incomplete purchases

    An incomplete purchase is a tenure describing Crown land that is in the process of being purchased.