Conveyancing search

What is Crown land conveyancing search?

A Crown land conveyancing search will give the following information about Crown land holdings as at a given date:

  • Crown tenure type
  • Crown tenure status
  • registered holders
  • Lot and DP identifiers
  • primary due date
  • current annual gross rental
  • current amount due (only available where the debt transfers with the land).

What is a Crown tenure?

Crown tenure is a term used to describe:

When is a conveyancing search necesary?

The department strongly recommends anyone intending to purchasing a property, especially waterfront land or rural properties, undertakes a search of Crown land prior to settlement to determine:

  • the existence of any Crown tenures
  • any amounts due (the payment of these rents are subject to private arrangement between the vendor and the transferee)
  • the due dates for any rental amounts owing.

You should discuss the need for a financial search with your solicitor.

For further information on waterfront and rural properties, refer to licences, enclosure permits and Western lands leases.

Making an application for a search

Search applications can be made by completing the Conveyancing search: Crown land conveyancing search application and forwarding the form, together with payment, to:

  • Email: (for monthly account holders only)
  • Fax: (02) 4925 3452 or (for monthly account holders only)
  • Post: PO Box 2155 Dangar NSW 2309

Please note that the search attracts a fee and no search results will be provided until full payment is received.

The following information should be provided on the Crown land conveyancing search form:

  • holder(s) name
  • property address
  • Crown tenure type
  • number and land district, (eg. SL 12345 Lithgow, EP 45/89 Molong)
  • account number (if known)
  • folio reference (certificate of title reference)
  • Lot/DP number