Conveyancing search

When buying a property, you have many things to consider. We recommend doing a conveyancing search before settlement to make sure there are no Crown land tenures connected to the property you are purchasing. Crown land tenures may include a lease, licence or enclosure permit.

Crown land conveyancing searches are particularly important for waterfront land and rural properties.

A conveyancing search will give you the following information:

  • if there is any Crown tenure
  • any payment due (including any money owing that you may have to pay upon settlement)
  • the due dates for any amount owing.

Only solicitors or conveyancers can do conveyancing searches. You should discuss this with the professional looking after your purchase or sale. You must complete a separate application for each individually rateable property.

Read the frequently asked questions for more information.

Applying for a conveyancing search

To apply, a solicitor or conveyancer must complete a Crown land conveyancing search application form and forward the form, together with payment, to: