Meet Angela Lordan, Supervisor - Reserves and Communications

From left to right: Maya Angus, Angela Lordan, Stephanie O'Dell, Elly Simpson, Donna Basham, Kathryn GeorgeAngela Lordan supervises the Reserves and Communications team at the Crown lands Business Centre in Dubbo. Among other functions, they’re the first point of call for any issues relating to Crown land -- so if you’ve ever rung the Crown Lands 1300-number, that would be them.

Angela is responsible for overseeing the accuracy of the information held in the Crown Land Reserves database and is also responsible for the management of the Crown Lands call centre for the State of New South Wales.

Angela and her team provide phone and email support for over 600 community boards and approximately 350 corporations in their role as Crown Land Managers of over 7,500 reserves across NSW.  The team provides a link between Crown Land customers and specialist service providers within the Crown Lands organisation. There are peak times throughout the year when annual reports are due and funding rounds are open, at these times, the team are constantly on the phone offering assistance and guidance to our land managers.

Another major role is administering Statutory Land Manager Board appointments. The Reserves Team prepare advertising, record applications and provide assistance with the application and induction process to current and prospective land managers.

“It’s quite a long process involving a number of different areas of Crown Lands. To avoid reserves being left without management we commence advertising for board members six months prior to the current board expiring. Our community boards are appointed by the minister, so a briefing is required for each appointment. Briefings are prepared by my team and sent through to the minister’s office for approval.”

Angela has worked in the Business Centre for five years, starting off in an administration role and securing the position of Supervisor in 2018. She has a reserves team of five members and is supported by their Team Leader, Amanda Beetson.

“I’m passionate about nurturing stable and supportive relationships between the department and volunteer Crown land managers, ensuring our reserves meet community needs and are protected for future generations,” said Angela.