Crown Reserves Improvement Fund

With the commencement of the Crown Land Management Act 2016 on 1 July 2018 the Public Reserves Management Fund has been replaced by the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund.

The Crown Reserves Improvement Fund Program (CRIF) continues to support Crown land managers by providing funding for repairs and maintenance projects, pest and weed control, new recreational infrastructure or environmental initiatives. The funding continues to benefit the community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of New South Wales.

About the program

The CRIF provides financial support for the development, maintenance and improvement of Crown reserves. Grant and loan funding can be applied for each year when the applications are open.

A number of different activities are funded each year in the following categories:

  • General development, maintenance and protection activities on any eligible reserve
  • Pest and weed projects on Crown land.

The CRIF is a self-sustaining program that is supported by income generated from loan repayments and interest, leases and licences on Crown land and levies from the operation of coastal Crown caravan parks.

2019-20 funding round

The application stage of the 2019-20 funding round has now closed.

The department will assess the applications and advise applicants of the outcome.

2019-20 funding round guidance documentation

  • The funding information guide gives an overview of the application process and the program objectives. It is essential that you read the guide before submitting an application.
  • The procurement guidelines provide information on acceptable procurement practices when spending public money.
  • The application instructions guide you through the registration, logon and each stage of the application process.
  • Consult the frequently asked questions for a number of responses to the questions you may have about the program.
  • The assessment and eligibility criteria checklist is provided for applicants to use as a guide to ensure any application submitted funding is relevant, eligible and addresses all appropriate criteria. Please note that this is a supporting tool and does not have to be submitted with applications.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of the funding program before submitting an application.

2018–19 funding announcement

Successful applicants for the 2018–19 funding round were announced by The Hon Paul Toole MP, Minister for Lands and Forestry on 31 August 2018.

Over $20 million was provided to support a wide range of activities to help maintain, protect and improve Crown reserves. A breakdown of the funding is available at the bottom of this page or download the full list of the 2018–19 successful applicants

Yearly reports

The yearly reports demonstrate the financial benefits of the program, the case studies within the report highlight the improvements on Crown reserves. The 2016–17 PRMFP Yearly Report is now available - the 2017-18 Yearly Report will be published on this webpage in the first half of 2019. Previous reports are available at the bottom of this page.

Terms and conditions

  • Funded projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding.
  • Crown land managers must submit a final report in two months of the project’s completion. Download the latest report template.
  • The procurement guidelines provide information on acceptable procurement practices when spending public money.
  • Acknowledgement of NSW Government funding is a condition of the funding. Refer to the NSW Government funding acknowledgement guidelines to help you decide the best acknowledgement for your project.

Contact and feedback

The funding team welcomes enquiries:

2018–19 program highlights

In 2018–19, through the CRIFP, the government provided funding and loans totalling $20.7 million for 442 improvements across the state. The funding provided will continue to benefit our community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of our region.

Program areaNumber Value $
Local parks & reserves 125 $3,790,417
Showgrounds 49 $4,006,659
Pests 13 $188,581
State parks 8 $5,882,612
DoI - Lands and Forestry 12 $1,093,692
Bushfire 62 $1,000,000
Tracks & trails various $800,000
School of Arts 9 $284,293
Commons 6 $188,635
Caravan parks 4 $527,487
Travelling stock routesvarious$1,000,000
Total   $20,700,022