Grant and loan funding are available to reserve managers to facilitate development and maintenance projects and to improve land and facilities.

Funding is also available for recovery from declared natural disasters. Depending on the purpose and location of a reserve, the following funding sources may be available.

Public Reserves Management Fund Program

The department administers the Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRMFP) which is an annual program providing financial support for the development, maintenance and improvement of public reserves.

Managers of any NSW Crown reserve, as well as freehold showgrounds and schools of arts, can be eligible to apply for funding. The program provides grants and low-interest loans to eligible applicants through a competitive application process.

For further information on the program and updates on current funding rounds visit PRMFP.

Natural disaster funding

The department also administers the Natural Disaster Relief Scheme, which makes funds available to repair, replace or restore public property destroyed or damaged as a result of declared natural disasters.

Grants are made available where the infrastructure and/or facilities involved are regarded as ‘essential public assets’. Funds for the scheme are made available from the Commonwealth and State Treasury. Reserve trusts can contact us for more information on applying for this funding in the event of a natural disaster.

Other funding opportunities

There are a number of other grants programs available outside of the department. Information on fundraising for Crown reserve trusts is available in the Trust handbook.

The NSW Government has developed the Community Builders website that offers a comprehensive list of funding opportunities, information on how to write submissions and fundraising ideas.

General information on fundraising is available from fundraising ideas