Reserve management

Crown reserves are land set aside on behalf of the community for a wide range of public purposes including environmental and heritage protection, recreation and sport, open space, community halls, special events and government services.

New South Wales has more than 34,000 Crown reserves. The reserve trust system enables the NSW Government, local councils and members of the community to work together to provide care, control and management over Crown reserves. The reserve management framework will undergo changes in 2018 with the introduction of new legislation.

Through our network of regional offices, we ensure that Crown reserves are responsibly managed and that natural resources such as water, flora and fauna and scenic beauty are conserved, while still encouraging public use and enjoyment of the land.

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    Reserve trusts

    The management of Crown reserves is based on a partnership between government and the community. 

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    Joining a Trust

    Trust membership is a rewarding experience, and by applying to join you'll be doing your part for the local community.

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    Practical support resources for reserve trust boards to perform their duties in managing a Crown reserve.

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    Annual reporting provides important information on the ongoing management of Crown reserves.

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    Leases & licences

    With the consent of the Minister, Crown reserve trusts can enter into leases and licences with third parties.

  6. Funding money


    Grant and loan funding are available to reserve managers for development and maintenance projects, improve land and facilities and natural disasters recovery.

  7. Holiday Park

    Holiday Parks Trust

    Provides coordinated management of the 28 holiday parks on the north and south coasts and eight inland parks across the state.

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    Multiple Land Use Act 2013

    The Act protects the multiple use principle and ensures the legal validity of interests such as leases, licenses and permits which have been granted over reserved Crown land.