Crown land 2031- State Strategic Plan for Crown land

Following extensive stakeholder and community consultation, the first ever State strategic plan for Crown lands, Crown land 2031 - State Strategic Plan for Crown land (the Plan), has been finalised.

Download Crown land 2031 - State Strategic Plan for Crown land - June 2021

A plan for activating Crown land

The 10-year Crown land 2031 strategy will ensure that Crown land is put to its best uses to benefit communities.  It will activate Crown land to grow tourism, support community groups, boost regional economies, advance Aboriginal interests, and provide more green open space.

Crown land is public land and this plan sets the road map for the estate to support activities to create social, economic, cultural and environment benefits.

Crown land 2031 is an important step as it provides a strategy to manage Crown land better than ever.

Download and view the Crown land 2031 - State Strategic Plan for Crown land.

Key priorities

The five key priorities of Crown land 2031 are:

1. Community connections

Strengthen community connections with Crown land: using Crown land to bring communities together through its use by many stakeholders, including local government, community and not-for-profit organisations.

2. Economic progress

Accelerate economic progress in regional NSW: Crown land used to facilitate investment and business, jobs and economic growth.

3. Aboriginal land rights and native title

Accelerate the realisation of Aboriginal land rights and native title in partnership with Aboriginal people.

4. Cultural heritage

Protect cultural heritage on Crown land: Crown land encompasses important cultural and Aboriginal heritage including natural and built assets, which needs to be protected as part of whole-of-government efforts.

5. Environmental assets

Protect environmental assets, improve and expand green space and build climate change resilience: Expand green and open space and protect environmental assets on Crown land, while managing climate change risk.

Implementing the plan

Action Plans will be developed to implement Crown land 2031 to diversify the use of Crown land and expand its public value right across NSW. The first Action Plan will be primarily targeted toward designing and implementing initiatives to address and respond to existing challenges and shape the foundations for future reforms. This plan is currently in development and we’ll share it with the community on this page soon.

Partnering with Destination NSW

To support the State Strategic Plan, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Crown Lands has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Destination NSW to promote tourism opportunities on Crown land reserves across NSW.

Some of the State’s most iconic and beautiful public places are on Crown land, including coastal areas, inland waterways and outback reserves, or host community infrastructure like showgrounds, surf lifesaving clubs and caravan parks.