Proposed relocation of Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR 17085), Lake Cowal

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, is undertaking community consultation for the proposed relocation of part of the travelling stock reserve (TSR) 17085, Lake Cowal.

View south over part TSR 17085 to the adjoining gold mine

The travelling stock reserve adjoins the Cowal Gold Mine and the Lake Cowal Road.

Location Map - Lake Cowal Road, Lake Cowal

The grazing industry uses a network of Crown reserves called Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) for moving or grazing stock around the state.

The proposed relocation of part of TSR 17085 is to enable expansion of the Cowal Gold Mine, whilst continuing to provide a travelling stock reserve in the area. The Cowal Gold Mine is operated by Evolution Mining (Cowal) Pty Limited (Evolution).

It is proposed that part of the travelling stock reserve that is directly adjacent to the mine and Lake Cowal Road will be relocated, with this land instead being used for the Cowal Gold Mine expansion.

If approved, the proposed relocation process will involve:

  • transfer of part of the existing TSR 17085 reserve, around 2.8km to the mine operator
  • transfer of around 4.8km of land from the mine operator to the state to be reserved as the relocated part of TSR 17085

The proposed relocation has the support of the Riverina Local Land Services.

Community engagement activities for this sale include:

  • a 28 day online public submissions process
  • consultation with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and the West Wyalong Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • consultation with Bland Shire Council
  • publication of a notice in The West Wyalong Advocate
  • notification on the 'Have Your Say' website
  • notification on the Crown Lands' website
  • information about the proposal published on the department’s website

Have your say

A public submission period was undertaken from Thursday 21 November 2019 to midnight Wednesday 18 December 2019 (AEDT).

Closing date

Submissions closed at midnight Wednesday 18 December 2019 (AEDT).

Important: Please note that all submissions will be published on the department’s website unless marked as confidential.

Supporting documents

Download the documents for additional information about the proposed lease:

Frequently asked questions

What are the expected impacts on the community if the TSR is relocated?

The proposed relocation of part of the existing TSR will ensure that a TSR continues to be available in the location, while enabling the mine expansion. The expansion will increase employment opportunities in the West Wyalong area.

Will the public still be able to use the site if it is sold and the reserve/dedication is removed?

A small portion of the existing TSR will be relocated northwards. The subject part of the TSR reservation will be revoked, but the proposed Evolution land to be transferred to the state will be reserved for the purposes of a TSR. There will be some minor changes to how the existing part of the TSR is accessed during the relocation transition, and these will be managed by Riverina Local Land Services.

Why is this site being considered for relocation?

The current part of the TSR is required by Evolution which has obtained approval to expand its mine operations. The subject part of the TSR is required for the mine expansion.

How was this site identified for the proposed part TSR relocation?

There was a direct approach by Evolution to the department.

Community Engagement Strategy

Engagement on this proposed sale/transfer of land and associated revocation of reserve/dedication is a requirement of the Community Engagement Strategy. The strategy has been developed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to set an open and transparent framework for engaging the community about important decisions on Crown land. The strategy acknowledges that needs vary between communities, and that a range of engagement approaches may be required to ensure community views are understood before important decisions are made.

Learn more about the Community Engagement Strategy.

Next steps from here

All community feedback is valued by the department. Your feedback will be considered in making a decision about this proposed sale.

The final decision will be published on this page.