Proposed lease of Katoomba Airfield

Aerial view of Katoomba Airport

The NSW Department of Industry is considering a proposal to lease Crown land at Medlow Bath known as Katoomba Airfield. The existing lease has come to an end and a lease applicant was identified by an expression of interest process in 2017.

Katoomba Airport location

Katoomba lot map

The applicant proposes to revitalise the site as a hub for recreational aviation and promote sustainable management of the site. The applicant believes the lease will provide opportunities to ‘open up’ substantial parts of the site for bushwalking and other community activities.

The applicant’s proposal:

  • provides for new and upgraded facilities for visitors to the Airfield (subject to appropriate planning approvals)
  • commits to entering into a biodiversity agreement that will result in substantial planting of new trees
  • suggests the investment proposed will support tourism and benefit the local economy
  • confirms emergency services will continue to have full access to the site for training and operational purposes.

Community engagement activities for this proposal include:

  • a 56 day public exhibition and submission process - this includes a two week extension to the normal exhibition period due to school holidays
  • four drop-in community information sessions held in Katoomba
  • key stakeholder briefings at commencement of the submission period
  • notification on the department’s webpage
  • publication of a notice in the Blue Mountains Gazette advising of the public submission period and the information sessions
  • a fact sheet and frequently-asked questions (FAQs) available from the department website
  • NSW Government Have Your Say website notification.

Have your say

A 56 day public submission period commenced on Sunday 9 June 2019 and closed at midnight on Sunday 4 August 2019. Any submission received after this date will not be considered unless approval has been granted by the department.

Drop-in information sessions

Drop in information sessions were held at Hotel Blue & Conference Centre, Katoomba on:

  • Wednesday 19 June 2019 from 11 am – 1 pm or 5 pm –7 pm
  • Tuesday 25 June 2019 from 11 am – 1 pm or 5 pm – 7 pm

Meetings were also held with community interest groups.

Submissions received

More than 1,500 submissions have been received as part of the community consultation process for the proposed lease of Katoomba Airfield. Copies of the submissions are available in the documents below, excluding those where consent to publish was not provided.

These documents are not sorted by any special order and have been grouped to enable easy download as required.

Supporting documents

Download the documents for additional information about the proposed lease.

Frequently asked questions

Will the public still be able to use the site?

Yes. Historically, public access to and use of Katoomba Airfield for anything other than aviation was prevented by the terms of the previous lease. The lease applicant is proposing to ’open up’ areas of the site to encourage greater visitation and community use of the site by offering new and improved facilities.

Why is this being considered?

Katoomba Airfield is Crown land and the lease has expired.

The grant of a lease to a tenant provides for the responsible management of the 36Ha site in accordance with applicable laws and the objects and principles of Crown land management. A lease provides financial, environmental and social benefits to the people of NSW.

How did this proposed lease come about?

The previous lease ended late in 2017. The same year, following consultation with commonwealth, state and local government agencies, expressions of interest were invited from the public to identify interest in managing and / or further developing the site on behalf of the department.

Following this process in February 2018, a licence was granted to Derek and Floyd Larsen for Aerodrome and Land Management on the site. In January 2019 a lease application was lodged with the department by Mr and Mrs Larsen. The lease application is in the name of FlyBlue Management Pty Ltd, to satisfy the department’s requirements for the registration of any leaseholder as a legal entity.

Next steps from here

All community feedback is valued by the department. Your feedback will be considered in making a decision about this proposed sale.

The final decision will be published on this page and on What’s happening in your area