Coffs Harbour Breakwater

Coffs Harbour foreshore map

Coffs Harbour is located about 440 kilometres north of Sydney and is the only deepwater, all weather port entrance between Port Stephens and Brisbane.

The Coffs Harbour Marina Precinct has a long history of providing shelter to ships in southerly gales.

Coffs Harbour Jetty was completed in 1892 with the northern breakwater being completed in 1927, with the eastern breakwater completed in 1946.

By the early 1980’s facilities within the inner harbour included a floating marina, slipway and boat maintenance area, the Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative, unloading wharves and moorings for the commercial fishing fleet.

NSW Department of Industry recognises that Coffs Harbour’s infrastructure including the breakwaters are also an important tourism asset.

Jetty foreshore precinct community consultation

The Coffs Harbour foreshore area contains several areas of land that are owned by the NSW Government, which have potential for positive development and activation to create a thriving new area within the city and region. The future development of the harbour and foreshore precinct has been the subject of many studies and proposals in the past.

The precinct has been identified by various government agencies as having  potential for revitalisation, particularly given the opportunity arising from the significant proportion of land owned by the state government.

In the first step to realising the opportunity, the NSW Government will develop a master plan for the foreshore in consultation with the community and other key stakeholders, and then consider how the government land is best repurposed and managed to achieve the master plan outcomes. The master plan process will help shape and create a vision for the Coffs Harbour foreshore area and put in place development controls to achieve strategic and cohesive development.

The consultation process will be broad and transparent and invite input on how the land might be used and activated, including public infrastructure and open space, public amenity and property development. It is envisaged that the consultation is likely to be a six month process and will be open to all.

Coffs Opportunity project objectives

Consultation activities and timing

Online consultation
Transparent collection of many ideas, online discussion and voting on ideas through the Social Pinpoint platform
26 February to early April 2018
Face-to-face consultation Drop-in sessions to show current ideas and examples, allow face-to-face discussion, generate more ideas and seek feedback
23 and 24 March 2018
Collation of ideas into themes Considering all ideas and grouping for further discussion
April 2018
Face-to-face ranking of ideas Workshops for discussion and voting on ideas / themes to rank them
May 2018
Publishing of the outcomes
A report on the process and the resulting ranked ideas
June 2018

Face-to-face drop-in sessions

Drop-in sessions will be held at The Cavanbah Centre, 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour on the following days and times:

  • Friday 23 March, 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm
  • Saturday 24 March, 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

More information

Coffs Harbour jetty foreshore precinct brochure coverA Social Pinpoint platform will be available during the early ideas-gathering process to allow ideas to be listed and discussed and voted upon.


Download the Coffs Harbour jetty foreshore precinct fact sheet

Download the Coffs opportunity: Get involved and have your say brochure

Community members and stakeholders can find out more about the project by calling 1800 810 680 for free, or by emailing