Proposed seawall Narrabeen-Collaroy beach

The Department of Industry—Lands & Water has the authority to grant consent for the lodging of development applications on Crown land to be assessed by other approval authorities, such as local councils or other government departments.

Crown land can be used for many purposes, including asset protection zones. Landowner’s consent is often given for consideration of bushfire mitigation zones, flood prevention works and erosion control works.

Proposed seawall

Intense storms in June 2016 caused severe erosion on Narrabeen-Collaroy beach. The area is considered an erosion hotspot and, during the storms, up to 50 metres of beachfront was lost and a number of homes were damaged.

In June 2017, residents submitted a development application (DA) to Northern Beaches Council for a privately-owned seawall to be built on the beachfront, which is Crown land.

The DA is for a sloping rock revetment seawall, around 210 metres in length and 15 metres wide. The proposed structure, if approved, would encroach on Crown land by around 15 metres from property boundaries, but much of the structure will be buried under sand.

The department has granted landowner’s consent for the DA to be assessed by Northern Beaches Council, which is required under Environmental Planning Assessment Regulations 2000.

Landowner’s consent is not development approval. It is only the first step in the planning assessment.

Should the DA be approved by Northern Beaches Council, the department will then begin negotiations on an appropriate tenure for the occupation of Crown land.

More information

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