Eden Breakwater Wharf extension - community consultative committee

A community consultative committee has been established in accordance with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's Community consultative committee guidelines: State significant projects November 2016

The committee has been formed from the existing project community liaison group, which was formed in January 2015. It comprises an independent chairperson, and community representatives from port businesses, maritime user groups, residents surrounding the Port of Eden and the relevant maritime authority, a council representative, and members of the project team.

The committee will operate during construction and for at least five years from commencement of operating as a committee and will perform an advisory and consultative role. Meetings will be held monthly, with any additional or extraordinary meetings held as required.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum for discussion between the project team, community representatives, key stakeholder groups and Bega Valley Shire Council; to keep the community informed about the project; seek community views and feedback on the project; and to provide an opportunity for committee members to seek further information about the project.

Detailed information outlining membership, roles of the committee and its members, frequency and nature of meetings is contained within community consultative committee guidelines.

A report endorsed by the community consultative committee will be submitted to the Secretary five years after commencement of operation of the committee, reporting on whether the purpose of the committee has been achieved and completed, and recommending a timeframe for continued operation. Where disbandment of the committee is recommended, minutes of the committee meeting documenting member agreement to disbandment will be provided in the report for consideration by the Secretary.


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