Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour Master Plan

The department commenced a master planning process in April 2015 with funding from Transport for NSW, which is nearing completion thanks to the support and input of many local community groups and individuals.

There has been extensive consultation with the community, including an online “Have Your Say” survey and multi-criterion analysis of options and community feedback. Project participants from the local community have identified their preferred layout for key components of the boat harbour.

This stakeholder preferred layout is guiding development of a draft master plan.

Have your say on the draft master plan closed on 1 May 2018.

The master plan will outline options for improving boating and visitor safety, access and infrastructure in the harbour and for revitalising Crown land along the foreshore.

The master plan, when finalised, will be a strategic and “living” document that will be reviewed periodically to ensure it continues to serve the needs of the local community and visitors.

Project background

Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour is a small but very popular boat harbour. Facilities have evolved over many years in an ad hoc way to include moorings, a timber jetty, boat ramp and informal parking. Many facilities in the boat harbour need to be upgraded as they are well past their design life, and no longer meet community needs or environmental and engineering standards.

A master planning process will provide a platform for identifying issues and to encourage investment in better infrastructure and a more practical layout and design. The master plan will make it easier to attract a mix of private and public sector investment needed to resolve complex issues and competing interests.

Located on Crown land (being Lot 1 DP 811063, a Crown Reserve 140096 for the purpose of port facilities and services), the Boat Harbour is managed by the Department of Industry—Lands & Water.

The master plan project study area includes Lot 1 DP 811063 and that part of the adjoining Lot 11 DP 1067553 on which the existing boat ramp, informal parking and gravel access road is located.

Lot 11 DP 1067553 is a Crown reserve for the purpose of public recreation, managed by Byron Shire Council as the Crown Land manager.

The private property located within the Boat Harbour (being Lot 328 DP 755692) is not included in the project study area, as future planning for this land is the responsibility of the freehold owner.

The department engaged Ardill Payne & Partners as principal consultants to undertake the project. This project has been funded and resourced jointly by Transport for NSW and the department.

Project focus

The master plan project provides a strategic approach and framework to revitalise the boat harbour, encourage the private and public sector to invest in delivering better boating safety, access and infrastructure. It respects the desire of the local community to ensure that Brunswick Heads remains a small unspoilt coastal village where ‘Simple Pleasures’ can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

The master planning process will:

  • identify options for an improved boat launching and retrieval system for small boats including parking, access, circulation and related facilities
  • identify a boat retrieval and launching system for large moored vessels
  • provide specifications for construction of preferred small boat launching and retrieval layout
  • provide a planning approval pathway for construction of preferred small boat launching and retrieval layout
  • prepare a marina layout showing stages for construction
  • prepare a master plan for the precinct

The process

The success of the project depends on participation of key stakeholders (those most directly affected by planning decisions) and the broader community throughout the planning process.

Preparing an effective master plan involves technical assessments and design work by skilled professionals including engineers, architects, urban designers, surveyors, planners and ecologists, who are supported by the input of the community for whom they are planning the boat harbour.

The process has been informed by a number of individual consultations, a community survey and three community workshops to date:

  • Workshop 1 - March 2015 - share information about key issues, concerns and requirements
  • Workshop 2 - November 2015 - present options and seek feedback from key stakeholders
  • Workshop 3 - September 2016 - present the preferred options and analysis to key stakeholders.

Further community briefings will be held to finalise reports and present the draft master plan and recommendations to key stakeholders.

Where can I find information about the project?

Information about the project, including records of planning workshops and consultation, as well as consultants reports are available for download:

  • Final Master Plan – coming soon