Infrastructure projects

River entrance surveys

The department conducts biannual surveys of river entrances in order to assess shoaling and water depths within navigation channels. These regular surveys inform waterway users of river entrance conditions as well as to inform government on the need to consider dredging.


Crown Lands undertakes regular bed level surveys of the Richmond River entrance to assess water depths against design navigation criteria of at least 4 metres at low tide established with local commercial vessel operators. These surveys indicate that the water depth requirements of local waterway users have generally been maintained from 2012.

Other locations

Asset management

We manage a variety of built and natural assets across the state including coastal infrastructure, walking tracks, dams, lighthouses and historical buildings. We also provide support to Crown land managers to manage built assets on reserves which include holiday parks, showgrounds, racecourses, clubs and halls.

To make sure all information is recorded, we’re developing a Total Asset Management Strategy (TAMS) in accordance with the Industry Capital Works framework. This work includes developing an assets database to capture all relevant information.


There are 169 showgrounds on Crown land in NSW which accounts for 80% of all showgrounds in NSW. Out of the showgrounds on Crown land, 45% are managed by volunteer reserve trust boards, 45% by local councils and 10% by show societies or the department.

Some are joint showground and racecourses and all are important for local and regional communities and economies.

Collectively the showgrounds portfolio is worth some $400 million (land and buildings) and it is estimated that over 50 different types of community activities take place at showgrounds.

A pilot condition assessment for a small sample of sites found that overall the trusts were maintaining their sites in fair condition, but that the infrastructure is aging and it is timely to consider the purpose and function of buildings and sites that have reached the end of their useful life.

  1. Patonga wharf at sunset

    Overview of infrastructure projects

    We are focused on planning growth and investing in infrastructure across Crown land. The majority of our investment is used to enhance our natural coast and maritime resources.

  2. Brunswick Heads harbour

    Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour Master Plan

    The master plan project provides a strategic approach and framework to revitalise the boat harbour, encourage the private and public sector to invest in delivering better boating safety, access and infrastructure.

  3. Coffs Harbour foreshore map

    Coffs Harbour Breakwater

    The master plan process will help shape and create a vision for the Coffs Harbour foreshore area and put in place development controls to achieve strategic and cohesive development.

  4. Eden Breakwater wharf extension artist impression

    Eden Breakwater Wharf extension

    The key features include extension of the existing Breakwater wharf, deepening of the adjacent berth pocket and approach channel and disposal of the dredge material at an offshore disposal site.

  5. Proposed wave attenuator Snug Cove, Eden

    Eden Safe harbour project

    The project includes the construction of a wave attenuator, which will reduce the wave energy that causes damage to boats, property and the environment.