Grant Funding Programs

In 2020-21, Crown Lands delivered $150 million in economic stimulus and recovery support for the people of NSW, supporting local communities in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and in the wake of some of the worst natural disasters in recent years.

Overall, this includes:

  • $129 million in 1,148 grants to Council and non-Council Crown land managers, volunteer community organisations and businesses who operate on Crown land.
  • $18 million in direct delivery for 30 projects on Crown land in collaboration with Infrastructure NSW, Public Works Advisory and Soil Conservation Services.
  • $3 million in financial concessions for 173 lease and licence holders, with financial concessions offered to 5,768 tenure holders across NSW.

This funding supports volunteer Crown land managers and volunteer organisations operating on Crown land in the upgrade and maintenance of public reserves, showgrounds, and other community infrastructure on Crown land.

It also supports the NSW Government’s economic recovery plan by stimulating regional economies, increasing local jobs and activation of public spaces to improve tourism and recreational opportunities on Crown land.

Supporting community connections and economic progress are two key priorities in our Crown land 2031 State Strategic Plan.

Grant Funded Projects:

Crown Reserves Improvement Fund – Annual Grants Program

The Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (CRIF) Program supports Crown land managers by providing funding for repairs and maintenance projects, pest and weed control, new recreational infrastructure or environmental initiatives.

The CRIF program is a self-sustaining program that is supported by income generated from loan repayments and interest, leases and licences on Crown land, and levies from the operation of coastal Crown caravan parks.

To learn more about CRIF, please visit Crown Reserves Improvements Fund.

Showground Stimulus Funding Program

In 2019/20 and 2020/21, the NSW Government invested $72.4 million in grants to Showground Managers.

The objective was to provide stimulus to the local economy during the COVID-19 pandemic through the engagement of local contractors and suppliers to undertake improvements to improve community infrastructure at local showgrounds.

The program's outputs included funding for 189 showground sites, 180 of which were located in regional NSW and nine in metropolitan Sydney.

Outcomes from this stimulus grants program include:

  • Grants for 892 capital and maintenance programs.
  • An estimated 1,779 contractors and suppliers engaged to date, with over 91% identified as “local” to the community.
  • An extended showground asset life.
  • An increased and diversified use of sites by communities, visitors and tourists.
  • An increased capacity to host events and serve as evacuation/recovery centres during natural disasters.
  • Increased security and reduced vandalism (from lighting, fencing and upgrades).
  • Decreased operating costs where solar panels have been installed, or electrical and water infrastructure has been upgraded.

The broader benefit flows include economic stimulus into our communities and an increasing of open spaces, which are two key priorities in the Crown lands 2031 State Strategic Plan.

To learn more about this program, visit the Showground Stimulus Funding Program.

Greater Sydney Crown Land Open Spaces Activation Program

The NSW Government provided $2.4 million in 2020/21 and a $15 million grant in 2021/22 in funding for the Greater Sydney Crown Land Open Space Activation Program.

Find out more about this program by reading the Department’s $16.5 million for more green space media release or visit Greater Sydney Crown Land Open Spaces Activation Program.

Economic Stimulus Grants Program

Throughout 2020-21 and 2021-22, the NSW Government has committed to investing more than $65 million in economic stimulus grants to local Council and non-Council Crown land managers, volunteer organisations and business which operate on Crown land, to deliver critical infrastructure projects across NSW.

Case Study: Norah Head Lighthouse

As part of the NSW Governments COVID-19 stimulus funding, the Norah Head Lighthouse received a total of $220,000 to undergo repairs and to build additional structures.

The heritage-listed Lighthouse, which is a major tourist attraction for the Central Coast, will construct a new workshop for the reserve’s volunteers.

The funding will also allow for CCTV security camera installation and upgrades to access roads on the reserve, which need maintenance to prevent coastal erosion near the Lighthouse itself.

The Norah Head Lighthouse was built between 1901 and 1903. Other than an upgrade of its light from kerosene to electricity in 1961, it has seen few major changes since being first built.

Learn more about this case by reading the Department’s media release.

View of Norah Head Lighthouse

View of Norah Head Lighthouse

Direct Delivery Economic Stimulus Projects:

Throughout 2020-21 and 2021-22, the NSW Government  committed to investing over $45 million in funding to deliver a range of capital infrastructure projects on Crown land across NSW.

Case Study: Menindee Caravan Park

Case Study: Menindee Caravan Park

In the 2020-21 financial year, the Menindee Lakes Caravan Park received more than $575,000 for repair and upgrade work to ensure it can continue to service both locals and visitors to the area.

A $235,000 injection from the COVID-19 stimulus program is being supported by budget allocations from the Department to see more than $575,000 in maintenance and improvement works that have been identified.

Works included:

  • Repairs to buildings and upgrades to plumbing infrastructure and fire safety equipment as well as demolition of old buildings and safe removal of asbestos.
  • A new water supply system will be installed throughout the park including new water pipes, taps and connections. A new septic system will also be installed.
  • Electrical upgrades will include replacement of power outlet heads, upgrades to switchboards and other work.

The repair and upgrade work will give the park a boost by ensuring Far West residents can access improved facilities while supporting the park’s appeal as an accommodation destination for the Menindee Lakes region.

Find out more about this case by viewing the Department's media release.

Upgrade of Menindee Lakes Caravan Park

Upgrade of Menindee Lakes Caravan Park