Action Plan 2021-23 Pilot Projects

The first pilot projects will test new ways of:

  • thinking about how we value the Crown estate and how we apply this in making decisions
  • working, where we bring Aboriginal and other stakeholders together and help broker solutions that unlock new opportunities
  • transacting, where we engage broadly within a sector to properly understand current challenges and develop better, more sustainable access arrangements
  • doing, where we more proactively review the estate to identify opportunities to deliver strategic outcomes in line with Crown land 2031.
Pilot description Expected delivery Alignment to priorities and outcomes
Public value framework: Test public value indicators for a sample of asset classes. Trial the application of a standardised land-use classification scheme for all Crown land in 2 selected local government areas. 2022 All
Negotiation approaches: Identify a range of sites to develop and test negotiation approaches to broker solutions using a combination of agreement tools to deliver outcomes for both Aboriginal people and the broader community. 2021-24 P2
O2.1, O2.2 & O2.3
Sustainable access and use: Select key sectors operating on Crown land to understand current challenges and to test opportunities to improve the way the sector accesses Crown land. For example, we could select sectors such as caravan parks, surf clubs and marinas with multiple stakeholders to determine the data needed to support good decision-making and test the deployment of standardised tenancy terms where the department is not the only manager of the Crown land asset. 2021-24 All
Renewable energy sites: Design and test a new strategic approach to biodiversity offsets and renewable energy projects where we identify [limited number of] sites and biodiversity offsets for renewable energy projects to attract and support the renewable energy industry and to determine if this approach can be implemented across the Crown estate or in other areas. 2021-24 P5
Aboriginal land management practices: Work with Aboriginal people/communities to identify suitable sites to test adoption/use of cultural land management practices/techniques like cultural burning to protect and maintain landscapes and cultural heritage. 2023 P3, P4
O4.2 & O4.3