Focus Area 4 - Asset Management

Through the following actions we will improve our understanding of our assets, increase the capability of our managers and be able to target our available resources where they are most needed to optimise public benefit from the Crown estate.

ActionsDescription Expected delivery Alignment to priorities and outcomes
4.1 Develop a risk-based framework to prioritise investment in data collection and asset management planning for the estate, starting with an audit to establish what land and assets are in the estate and their risks and opportunities. 2021 P1-5
4.2 Design and commence delivery of a prioritised asset management program that maximises value and reduces risk. 2022-24 P1
4.3 Design and deliver training, tools and assistance programs to help Crown land managers better manage assets for public benefit. 2022-24 P1

Investing in our assets – Coffs Harbour Showground

The NSW Government’s stimulus program to support recovery from the impacts of COVID has provided $72.47 million for 892 upgrade projects at 189 showgrounds across NSW. Upgrades are improving the safety, use and condition of showgrounds, while stimulating work for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, fencers, pavers and other trades, as well as local businesses that supply building materials.

Showgrounds are multi-use community facilities. Uses include agricultural shows, rodeos and other equestrian events, farmers markets, festivals, men’s sheds, sport and recreation, and caravanning and camping. Many showgrounds also serve a vital role as emergency evacuation centres for residents and animals during bushfires and floods, and as relief posts for emergency services workers.

On the mid-north coast, Coffs Harbour Showground is benefiting from more than $7.5 million in upgrade work, thanks to both the stimulus program and the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund.

The work includes upgrades to the grandstand, kiosk and amenities; an addition to the exhibition hall; construction of a training and meeting room for a variety of users; a new roof and energy efficient air conditioning for the Norm Jordan Pavilion; installation of a stormwater pipe; CCTV to improve security; repairs to a bitumen road; and disabled parking facilities.

These upgrades will ensure the showground can more effectively serve the Coffs Harbour community for generations to come.