Focus Area 3 - Information Availability

The following actions will establish a reliable system that can readily be integrated with other systems to provide seamless public access to the department’s data and spatial information.

ActionsDescription Expected Delivery Alignment to priorities and outcomes
3.1Identify system and data improvements to enhance customer experience and improve decision-making. Improvements will provide a more reliable, secure system adaptable for future needs. 2023All
3.2Integration with other systems will be improved to combine spatial (mapping) and other land management data relating to Aboriginal interests, tenures and reserves in the one system.2023 All
3.3More departmental data and spatial information will be made accessible online to customers, government agencies, industry and the public. Publicly available maps will promote better access and use of the Crown estate.2023 All

CrownTracker system - helping us tell the story of Crown land in action

In 2020, a new portal was released for Crown land managers. For the first time, volunteer Crown land managers can see and share information about the land they manage.

CrownTracker gives the ability to capture and share consistent reserve information. Improved data sharing has allowed us to publish a new online Crown reserves directory.

The directory is helping promote community use and enjoyment of Crown land by providing pictures of the reserve, the activities and facilities available and contact details for over 400 Crown reserves managed by volunteers across NSW.