Focus Area 2 - Aboriginal Outcomes

Through the following actions we will be supporting Aboriginal people’s connection to country, making it easier for Aboriginal people to own, manage, access and work on Crown land, and helping Crown land managers and volunteers respect and protect Aboriginal interests.

ActionsDescription Expected Delivery Alignment to priorities and outcomes
2.1 Co-design a program to establish policies and practices that recognise Aboriginal cultural heritage on Crown land and support Aboriginal people’s connection to Country. This action will support Aboriginal people’s participation in the management of Crown land regardless of legal rights. 2022 P3
2.2 Develop a set of tools and approaches to facilitate negotiations with Aboriginal stakeholders and other groups where agreements can be made to realise their emerging needs and aspirations. 2022-24 P3
2.3 Work with Aboriginal people to help them access opportunities to own, manage and access Crown land, and be a preferred supplier of products and services. 2023 P3
2.4 Deliver resources and training to build capability in Crown land managers and raise the awareness of managers and users about the rights over and cultural connections to the land of Aboriginal people so that managers and users can better meet their responsibilities and obligations. 2021-24 P1

Dungog Common – a new way of working

In May 2021 the NSW Government brokered an historic agreement with the Karuah Local Aboriginal Land Council to resolve all Aboriginal land claims on the Dungog Common and secure Dungog’s future as a national mountain biking destination.

This agreement will provide certainty for continued investment in the site, facilitate ongoing community use and access, provide Aboriginal ownership and cultural and heritage protection, and serve as the basis for a transformative new model of working with our Aboriginal stakeholders.

By working differently and bringing the community together, we have been able to find common ground and broker a solution. This new approach of co-designing a solution shows how when we work differently in collaboration, we can deliver greater benefits for the whole community in partnership.