Statutory process for closing and purchasing roads

This table outlines the steps involved in the closure and disposal of a Crown road as well as estimated timeframes.

Steps Estimated timeframeDescription
Lands receives application 1 week This is the date processing officially commences and an initial investigation begins
Detailed investigation 4 weeks Assess property ownership, access, status of Crown road and prepare referencing documents and diagrams
Notice to advertise the intention to close the road 6 weeks This period includes the 28 day advertising period for receiving submissions
Submission assessment 6 weeks Consider submissions and contact stakeholders for further information if required
Road closure approved 4 weeks Closure is approved plus purchase price/valuation
Agreement to purchase 4 weeks This timeframe allows time for applicant to consider and respond to the agreement and return the signed paperwork
Invoice period 4 weeks The applicant receives and invoice and must pay within 4 weeks
Drawing, approval and lodgement of plan 3 weeks This timeframe may extend if a survey is required or if third parties are required to sign easement documents
Plan registration * 3-4 weeks This timeframe may change and is contingent on Land and Property Information processes
Issue transfer, signatures, Stamp Duty and return * 2-4 weeks This timeframe is dependent upon Revenue NSW and client response times
Gazette notice to advise of final decision 2 weeks Notices will appear in the NSW Government Gazette advising of the decision to close the road
Issue of Certificate/s of Title * Up to 6 weeks This timeframe may change and is contingent on Land and Property Information processes
Statutory process complete **45 - 48 weeks(10 -11 months)

Centralisation of the program and streamlined systems enables multiple applications to be processed simultaneously, reducing the average processing times of applications.

*  Processing times are an average and are contingent on response timeframes from external agencies and third parties.

**  Timeframes are from the date the application processing is commenced. They assume no protracted disputes between parties or unforeseeable delays.