Statutory process for closing and purchasing roads

This table outlines the statutory process for successful Crown road purchase applications along with estimated timeframes.

Applicants should be aware that the overall estimated timeframe is from the date of application commencement, not the date of application receipt. It does not take into account protracted disputes between parties or unforeseeable delays.

Processing times are an estimate and are affected by response timeframes from external agencies and third parties

StepsEstimated timeframeDescription

Application lodged with the department


Application receipted and acknowledgement letter issued to applicant.

The application is placed in a queue for allocation according to date of receipt.

Time spent in the queue varies according to:

  • Number of applications on hand
  • Possible inclusion with an adjoining application that is due to be processed
  • Being granted precedence   in the queue due to proven need

Application allocated to a case officer

1 week

Application is allocated to officer to commence processing. Initial investigation and administrative actions by case officer.

Detailed investigation

4 weeks

Assessment of surrounding property ownership and statutory land values, access and road status. Preparation of advertisement and referencing documents and diagrams.

Notification of proposal to sell Crown road

6 weeks

This timeframe includes the statutory 28-day submission period.

Assessment of submissions ^

6 – 12 weeks

Assess submissions and consult affected parties to consider potential outcomes.

^ Processing times are an estimate and are affected by mediation of submissions

Decision approval

4 - 6 weeks

Submission for approval to sell or retain Crown road is reviewed and approved by the Minster’s delegate.

Offer and agreement to purchase Crown road

4 weeks

An offer of sale is sent to the purchaser to consider, sign and return.

Invoice for road purchase

4 weeks

The applicant receives an invoice that must be paid within 4 weeks.

Drawing, approval and lodgement of plan*

3 – 12 weeks

This timeframe will extend if a survey plan is required or easement documents require signatures of affected parties.

Plan registration*

3 - 4 weeks

This timeframe is dependent on processes of external agency - NSW Land Registry Services.

Transfer form signatures, Stamp Duty*

4 - 8 weeks

Transfer form is sent to purchaser for signing and payment of stamp duty to Revenue NSW.

This timeframe is dependent upon Revenue NSW and applicant response times.

Stamped transfer form returned to case officer and issue Certificate of Title*

6 - 12 weeks

This timeframe may change and is dependent on - NSW Land Registry Services processes

Process complete

12 – 18 months

* Processing times are an estimate and are affected by response timeframes from external agencies and third parties