Statutory process for closing and purchasing roads

This table outlines the statutory process and estimated timeframes for Crown road purchase applications that the NSW Department of Industry approves for sale.

The department has centralised the Crown road purchase program and streamlined its systems to enable simultaneous processing of multiple applications.

Applicants should be aware that the timeframes below are an estimate only. The estimated timeframes start from the date the department begins processing the application, not from the date of receipt.

The estimated timeframes do not take into account time to negotiate a resolution for affected parties or unforeseeable delays.


Estimated timeframe


Department commences application

1 week

Initial investigation of the road purchase application

Detailed investigation

4 weeks

Assessment including property ownership, access, Crown road status

Preparation for advertisement and referencing documents and diagrams

Notification of proposal to sell Crown road

6 weeks

This timeframe includes the 28-day submission period

Submission assessment^

6 weeks

Consider submissions and contact affected parties for further information if required

Decision approval

4 weeks

Approval by the delegate of the minister administering the Crown Lands Management Act 2016 for the:

- sale of Crown road

- road purchase price

Agreement to purchase Crown road

4 weeks

This timeframe allows the applicant to consider and respond to the agreement before returning the signed contract for sale

Invoice for road purchase

4 weeks

The applicant receives an invoice that must be paid within 4 weeks

Drawing, approval and lodgement of plan

3 weeks

This timeframe will extend where a survey plan is required or where easement documents require signatures of affected parties

Plan registration*

3–4 weeks

This timeframe may change and is dependent on NSW Land Registry Services processes

Transfer form  signatures, Stamp Duty*

2–4 weeks

This timeframe is dependent upon Revenue NSW and applicant response times

Issue Certificate/s of Title*

4–6 weeks

This timeframe may change and is dependent on NSW Land Registry Services processes

Statutory process complete

41–46 weeks (10–11 months)

^ Processing times are an estimate and are affected by mediation of submissions

* Processing times are an estimate and are affected by response timeframes from external agencies and third parties