Crown public roads generally provide lawful access to freehold and leasehold land where little or no subdivision has occurred since the original Crown subdivision of NSW, early in the nineteenth century. The NSW Parliament has recently passed amendments to the legislation governing roads. These amendments have not yet commenced and the current arrangements will continue to apply.

The statutory process explains timeframes to the time it takes to process applications.

Application forms

The following forms are available to download:

Online search for public roads advertised for closure

To make a consultation for the accelerated roads program easier, the department has developed an online search facility. This will help you view and search current notices for public roads that are proposed to be closed and sold. These notices will continue to be published in local newspapers. The notices will remain available online for the full 28 day submission period, from date of publication.

Main features of the search facility

The search facility provides both map based and keyword searches to find roads that are offered for sale and closure. It allows you to use keywords to filter the search to a specific area such as local government area or locality; view information on the roads that are proposed for closure, including maps showing the roads offered; access information on how to make a submission; and print full details of the road advertisement and supporting maps.

Using the search facility

To make searching easier, we've developed some guides to help.

Search for public roads advertised for closure

Purchasing roads

Enclosure permits

An enclosure permit (previously known as a road permit) allows a property owner to enclose a Crown road or watercourse within their property by fencing. An enclosure permit (EP):

  • authorises grazing, which is the only permissible use of an enclosure permit.
  • requires that the land must remain available for access if required; and
  • does not provide the holder with any title to the Crown road or watercourse;

The value of an EP to a landowner is not only the land's grazing value but also the saving in the cost of fencing the road out from their adjoining property.

Crown land has a responsibility to ensure that any use of Crown roads is legally authorised under the Crown Lands Act 1989 and/or the Roads Act 1993. Penalties exist for any unauthorised use of Crown land - including the enclosure, occupation, construction or any other use of Crown roads.


Enclosure permit rentals change from time to time. Currently approved concessions for EP holders apply as follows:

Applicants who had applied to close a Crown road prior to 10 June 2006 All rent relating to a corresponding EP is waived until the application (and any disposal) is finalised
EPs that are part of a conservation agreement Rent continues to be reduced to $50.00 per annum
All other EP holders

Enclosure Permit (EP) rental concessions have been extended. From 1 July 2016 $140 per annum plus CPI will be payable.

Did you know that if you have multiple EP's you may be able to apply to have them amalgamated into a single EP? For more information regarding amalgamating your EP's, call us on 1300 886 235

Reduced costs for closing and purchase of unnecessary Crown roads continue to apply. EP holders are encouraged to lodge applications to purchase the land that is subject to their enclosure permit.

Cancelling an EP

Once granted, an EP normally remains in existence until:

  • The road has ceased to be enclosed. Generally, this happens when the Crown road is 'fenced out' from the adjoining property. When the road is no longer enclosed within the property an Enclosure Permit: Statutory Declaration can be completed and returned. Once the department has determined that the road is not enclosed, the EP will be terminated. Please be aware that inspections may be undertaken to confirm that the Crown road is not enclosed within your land.
  • The Crown road is legally closed and then purchased by the adjoining landowner. Under the Roads Act 1993, Crown roads not required for public access may be closed and purchased by adjoining property holders.
  • The road is transferred to another authority, eg the council. In some instances, local councils will apply to have control of a Crown road passed to them where that road is required for public use. Once control is passed to the council, any enclosure permit over the road is cancelled.

Rent continues to apply until the account is terminated by the department and the holder is notified.

For more information, download the enclosure permits fact sheet

Council roads

Arrangements for the closure of roads where the road vests in Council were last revised in June 2014. For information refer to the following resources:

All applications should be accompanied by the supporting documents described on the checklist above and the fee.

For more information, view the frequently asked questions or contact the Newcastle Roads Team on 02 4925 4104 or email