Land purchases

Generally, Crown land is not sold but from time to time parcels of Crown land may become available to purchase when it is no longer providing benefit to users or a public purpose. All purchase enquiries go through rigorous assessment to ensure sale is appropriate and compliant with legislation.

The department receives a large number of requests to purchase Crown land each month, but only a small number progress to sale each year.

In the first instance you are encouraged to consider alternatives to purchase such as:

Assessing an enquiry

When assessing the eligibility of land for disposal or purchase, the department will balance the social, economic and environmental considerations of the site. Typically, successful applications have the following characteristics:

  • lead to significant economic development and job creation for the state of NSW
  • service the needs of key stakeholders such as local government authorities other government agencies and non-profit organisations that are providing core services for the NSW community
  • consolidate property or resolve property ownership issues where the sale of Crown land is considered in the public interest
  • do not lead to a loss of public enjoyment
  • are sold through either competitive process or by independent valuation advice to obtain best value as compensation for the loss to the Crown Estate.

The department is guided by the Sale of Crown land policy and the Sale of Crown land guidelines when assessing enquiries.

If you want to make an enquiry to purchase Crown land, please download and complete an Enquiry to Purchase Crown Land Form or contact us.

The sale of Crown land

We notify the community if we intend to sell Crown land. This is an important part of our commitment to transparency in decision-making and is a core part of our Community Engagement Strategy.

The notifications and decisions section of this website outlines any intended sales of Crown land.

Purchase of a Crown road

The department recognises that many Crown roads within the public road network are not required to maintain public access. In these cases, Crown roads may be sold or closed without compromising the broader public interest.

Find out more about Crown road sales and closures.