Notification of proposed compulsory acquisition of Crown land online form

The online form requires the following mandatory information and supporting documentation. We recommend you get the following information and supporting documents ready before starting the notification form.

  1. a detailed description of the proposed acquisition sufficient to understand its full extent and likely impacts
  2. a detailed site plan, diagram or survey showing the location of the proposed acquisition
  3. an Agents Authority to Act (if applicable)
  4. results of a recent search by Office of the Registrar, Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 showing that the proposed acquisition is not affected by an undetermined Aboriginal Land Claim (ALC); OR
  5. evidence from the lodging Land Council of concurrence to the proposed acquisition and withdrawal of any ALC impacting the site/s of the proposed acquisition
  6. a geospatial search report from National Native Title Tribunal to identify registered Native title interests, or in the absence of a registered interest, a statement from the authority as to how relevant provisions of the Native Title act 1993 will be satisfied.
  7. an ownership status report from an information broker or the Crown Lands Status Branch identifying the land as Crown land
  8. for land that is a TSR, a letter of concurrence from the relevant Local Land Services branch
  9. for land identified as a crown reserve under management, a letter of concurrence from the relevant Crown land manager.

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