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 Transit Systems Depot, Smithfield Transit Systems was formed when the three owners, who previously operated bus businesses in NSW, joined together to tender for a public transport contract in Perth. Since then, Transit Systems has expanded its operations into Adelaide and Darwin as well as Western Sydney, London and Singapore.

Transit System’s Planning and Performance Manager, Richard Lizon, said the business has “a passion to deliver the highest quality public transport services. In 2013, we tendered for and were awarded a contract to operate Region 3 of Sydney’s metropolitan network which covers the Liverpool, Fairfield and Holroyd areas. Our services also connect to major Western Sydney centres such as Parramatta.”

In Western Sydney, Transit Systems has 220 buses in their fleet and employs 350 staff. The company is focused on developing the skills of its workforce and has apprenticeship and training programs.

Transit Systems are committed to ensuring that its services do not operate in isolation, instead delivering an integrated network which assists in the seamless connection between different transport modes. The company is also building a new depot in Hoxton Park, in addition to its primary facility in Smithfield and two temporary depots. The business is also looking at opportunities for a third depot site to cater for the predicted growth in the region accompanying the development of the new Badgerys Creek Airport.

“The opportunity to get transport services right from the planning stages of a new region is key for us. We want to deliver the sort of services that members of the community would choose to use.”

Advantage of a Western Sydney location

“As a company with strategic ideas about how to develop public transport services, Western Sydney is one of the most exciting places to be at the moment – in terms of both employment and residential growth potential.” Richard Lizon, Transit Systems

“We are working on improving public transport in emerging suburbs in Western Sydney in partnership with the NSW Government. We are focused on developing solutions which pre-empt growth in the region. The best outcome for the community is for public transport services to be in place from the start of development – when people locate into new suburbs.” This could facilitate a behavioural change and discourage the idea that it is essential to have a car to live or work in Western Sydney.

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