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David Hegarty, PwCIn 2013, one of the world’s leading professional services networks, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), opened an office in Western Sydney to service the needs of privately owned businesses, their owners and families, as well as high net wealth individuals.

Prior to the office establishment, PwC had not opened an office outside a major city for 20 years. David Hegarty, PwC Partner said “This strategic move was seen as a key part of our overall business plan for future growth.”

Western Sydney is a major growth centre. Mr Hegarty said “PwC sees the region as having unlimited opportunities for numerous industry sectors and we are very keen to be at the forefront of this development.

There was an overarching belief that to be successful in servicing the continual needs of our existing clients and to achieve growth expectations, we needed to be located close to our clients, where the action is.”

“Our offering to clients is more far reaching than the typical ‘audit and tax accounting’ service.  We have developed deep expertise in a number of key areas which we believe are very relevant to the private business owner. Some examples include operational effectiveness; business analytics and decision support; going global; franchising; superannuation; estate planning; family constitution; and cloud based accounting.”

“We are also very much aware of the number of families who are either dealing with, or will be in near future, the issue of succession. This can be a very sensitive, emotive and difficult process for families and as such, we have developed a number of strategies to help family members negotiate this often challenging path.”

The Western Sydney office has grown significantly with plans to expand further. “We currently have four Partners and 45 staff and are confident of doubling our existing size by June 2019.”

Advantage of a Western Sydney location

“With the rapid growth and development of Greater Western Sydney, many of our private practice clients are located in the region. Being closer to our clients means we are able to build stronger relationships to assist them in achieving their objectives.” David Hegarty, PwC

“We are involved in a range of community events, including local business chambers. These connections have been a key factor to PwC’s success and growth in Western Sydney.”

Across the state, PwC has 2,500 employees, 30% of which live in Western Sydney. The majority of those employed in the Western Sydney office live in the region.

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