Adrenaline rush in the west

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Facility, PenritiFLY Indoor Skydiving is an adventure sport business offering the only indoor skydiving facility in NSW. Opening its first facility in Penrith two years ago, iFLY has recently expanded into the Gold Coast and plan to open new venues in Perth and Adelaide.

Indoor skydiving was originally developed to allow experienced skydivers to train regardless of the weather conditions. Since then, indoor skydiving has become a popular adventure sport and family attraction around the world. Brett Sheridan, Indoor Skydive Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained that the business aimed to “bring an exciting new experience to the west as well as establish indoor skydiving as a recognised sport in Australia.”

iFLY simulates the experience of skydiving but in a fully-controlled and safe indoor environment where people of all ages and skill levels can experience the same thrilling rush.

“Indoor skydiving is where you simply lean forward inside our giant glass tunnel into a column of air and float effortlessly into flight guided by our qualified instructors” explains Brett.

“An all-round viewing platform at the facility provides the opportunity for family and friends to see flyers in action and share the experience.”

Advantage of a Western Sydney location

“We chose this area because we developed a good relationship with Penrith City Council and formed a promising partnership with the Penrith Panthers Club. We recognised that it was an area with a growing population and it is gaining momentum as the adventure capital of NSW which was perfect for our vision.” Brett Sheridan, Indoor Skydive Australia’s CMO

The iFLY site in Penrith is located within close proximity to the army base which also uses the facility to assist in its simulation training.

iFLY’s training program follows the International Bodyflight Association’s (IBA) progression system meaning flyers can develop their skills and progress into more challenging disciplines fit for competition.

iFLY doesn’t just boast being an adventure sport, they also pride themselves on being a mecca for adrenaline seekers and lively families looking for an exciting alternative to everyday activities.

To find out more visit the iFLY website.

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