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Darrell Lea

Darrell Lea shop Internationally recognised brand Darrell Lea was founded in Australia in 1927 with its original factory located under an arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Decades on, Darrell Lea is still a 100% family-owned Australian company specialising in quality chocolates and confectionary. A trusted brand, Darrell Lea’s largest export markets are the USA, UK and New Zealand.

For over 85 years, the company has manufactured chocolate sourcing its cocoa from around the world and blending it with Australian milk and natural cane sugar. Darrell Lea is well-known for its house-hold name products including its famous liquorice and Rocklea Road.

Darrell Lea General Manager Klark Quinn said the company was committed to innovation.

“The Darrell Lea team is constantly trialling new and exciting products. Our range is no longer just sold in Darrell Lea shops but available in supermarkets and specialty stores across the country. Our plan is to keep expanding and growing, both our product line and workforce. We have experienced growth rates of more than 35% this year to date and our forecast is strong, double digit growth in the medium to long term. Darrell Lea is focused on growing its iconic brand and widening its product portfolio.”

Advantage of a Western Sydney location

“In September 2014, we opened our new purpose-built factory in Ingleburn in Western Sydney. The site location was logical for us due to the availability of land, which allowed us to centralise our manufacturing line with our domestic warehouse in a 40,000 square metre facility.”
Klark Quinn, General Manager.

“Due to the seasonal nature of our business, we need a large pool potential employees and a site that is easily accessible with growth potential. Western Sydney is the logical choice. The company currently employs 100 full time staff, with the majority of them living in Western Sydney. At peak periods we can employ an additional 80-160 casual staff.”

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