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Custom Bus

Custom Bus manufacturing plant For over 60 years, Custom Bus has manufactured buses and provided after care solutions to the bus industry. Determined to become the Australian market leader, Custom Bus believe that quality and service are crucial to competing with their offshore counterparts.

Greg Shanley, Custom Bus CEO said the company specialises in the CB80 Low Floor City Bus and the SB50 School & Charter Bus.

“Custom Bus manufactures bus models for government operators including the STA [State Transit Authority]. The majority of our buses are manufactured for clients outside of New South Wales, with government contracts in South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Northern Territory.

“At Custom Bus, we are committed to identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process and allocate dedicated resources to ensuring quality. Buses are delivered to customers’ specifications and are designed with an operational life of 25 years. Our team draws on its extensive collective experience which includes working with new manufacturing technologies and innovative processes to ensure quality.”

Advantage of a Western Sydney location

“Custom Bus is determined to upgrade and modernise while maintaining its base in Western Sydney. The majority of our 280 staff live close to our facility in Western Sydney which allows them a greater work/life balance with reduced commuting time,” Greg Shanley, Custom Bus.

Custom Bus also runs an apprenticeship program which takes up to five apprentices each year, with the view to grow this program in the future.

Custom Bus delivers between 210-220 buses per year. It is expected that this figure will double over the next 3-5 years. The company’s long term goals include expanding to international markets and developing its globally competitive edge.

Founded in 1955, Custom Bus relocated from Smithfield, opening its manufacturing plant in Villawood in 2010. As the largest fully integrated bus building plant in Australia, the facility includes 20,000 square metres of undercover warehouse space in addition to its outdoor areas.

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