High speed business in Armidale

Zafar Rahim

Zafar's specialised systems engineering firm, Rahim Engineering Consultancy, has gone from strength to strength since he relocated himself and his family from Sydney to Armidale.

"In Sydney, it was difficult to afford the bandwidth I needed for my clients, but here in Armidale, the National Broadband Network means I can service my clients more effectively.

"The majority of my clients are quite envious of my new lifestyle, although for newer clients, it's often a requirement that I'm on site, so I'll commute to them for the first stage of a project.

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"Fortunately, two airlines operate out of Armidale airport, and between them, they fly to Sydney seven times a day, so I have the flexibility to easily travel for face­ to-face meetings", he said.

One of the other key reasons Zafar chose Armidale was because of the New England University, a major part of the city.

"I have some teaching qualifications, so I want to be able to use these as a backup should business be quiet, or study at the university to extend my own skill set."

A vibrant city

Despite being initially apprehensive about what the change would mean for his social life, Zafar's uncovered a vibrant regional city with much to offer.

"The region has a fantastic French bistro, a recently opened boutique ale bar," Zafar explains.

"There are major comedy acts that visit Armidale, so I'm able to enjoy the things I love."

His two young children were also initially hesitant about the move, but quickly warmed to the idea.

"Once my kids had taken a look at what was available they were very keen. My daughter can use an equestrian centre associated with her school, something she just wouldn't have had access to in Sydney.

"We used to live in a 56 square metre apartment and my two kids had to share a bedroom. Now we live in a six bedroom house with two living rooms, a conservatory with 12 seats and a fantastic garden", Zafar said.

Having travelled and lived in many cities around the world, Zafar believes he's found his own slice of paradise.

"I remember reading in the Sydney Morning Herald about the benefits of living in regional cities - so I moved my business and removed the commute.

"So really, it's whether you want a good lifestyle mixed with your business, or your business is all that you have time to do."

To find out more about Zafar's business Rahim Engineering Consultancy visit http://rec-ltd. com.au/