Used by 97% of Fortune 500 companies and 95% of the ASX 100, Dropbox is the world's biggest cloud-based storage and file sharing provider, with more than 300 million users.

The service enables users to collaborate, share and remotely access files from anywhere, on any device. Dropbox's fast and intuitive sharing service has led to its adoption within a wide variety of businesses - from commercial real estate firms and non-profit agencies, to technology companies and law firms.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Dropbox has offices in Austin, New York, Dublin, London and Sydney. The company entered the Sydney market in April 2014, initially employing six people. By the end of 2015, Dropbox anticipates it will employ up to 50 people.

Choosing Sydney

Australia has more than 8 million Dropbox users – almost a third of the population.

Charlie Wood, Country Manager, Dropbox

"Dropbox undertook a thorough analysis when considering an office in the Asia Pacific, looking at things like population density and Dropbox user numbers," said Charlie Wood, the Dropbox Country Manager.

Ultimately, Dropbox chose Sydney as it has the highest density of Dropbox customers in Australia. Other attractive things about Sydney for the company were the favourable time zone, highly skilled talent pool in the IT arena and range of people with enterprise sales of software- as-a-service experience.

Key reasons to invest in Sydney

Sydney, Australia's largest city and the capital of NSW, is an international city that's recognised as a world leader in:

Sydney has world-class business and technology parks, educational institutions and a thriving central business district.

The city has the largest number of regional headquarters for multinational companies or 60% of all Asia-Pacific regional headquarters are located in Sydney, the regional headquarters of more than 200 multinational corporations.

Assisted by the NSW Government

The department's San Francisco-based office supported the move by providing:

  • Market intelligence, such as an overview of Australia's privacy laws
  • Statistics on technology salaries in NSW
  • Service provider details, including recruiters, legal advisers and even hotels
  • Industry connections and promotional material.

"The NSW Government was a great help when we first landed in Sydney," Mr Wood said.

"They were very generous with their time in answering our basic questions, for example, whether we should open our office in Surry Hills, or the CBD.

"They were most helpful in connecting us with peer companies in the IT space who gave us good context of the Australian IT environment. I still stay in touch with those connections.

"Throughout the year, they have also helped connect us with key members of the NSW Government when we sought opportunities to deploy Dropbox in government organisations."