A smart way to divvy-up parking places

Two cars with a vacant parking space in between

Divvy Parking uses smart technology to make better use of all those car spaces in the city that sit vacant every day.

The company has developed a technology platform that connects businesses looking for affordable monthly parking with others who have unused spaces.

Using web technologies and apps, Divvy Parking centralises the supply of fragmented parking space, allowing businesses to acquire parking for 20-50% less than the cost of a traditional parking place.

Divvy Parking's CEO, Nick Austin, says making better use of the hidden parking assets within large cities not only saves money for drivers looking for a reliable place to park their vehicle, it also generates income for those with excess space.

"Giving owners an income from unused assets like car spaces and garages and giving other members of the community access to things when they need them is a win for everyone," says Mr Austin.

"We are part of a new way of thinking called collaborative consumption, which is using things we already have in better ways through sharing with the community."

The service provided by Divvy Parking might also allow local councils to reduce the amount of space they need to allocate for parking places.

Expansion plans

The company currently operates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and is poised to expand into Asia, where there is keen interest in harnessing technology to ease chronic parking problems in some of the world's most densely-populated cities.

"The startup culture in Sydney is really strong," Mr Austin says.

"We have a great skills base here and large corporations are becoming increasingly interested in investing in technology and innovative companies. "But we're s

till young and we need to build a sustainable innovation environment. That's where the NSW Government's support has been crucial."

Assisted by NSW Department of Industry

Divvy Parking started in Sydney in 2013 with just two people. The company has grown rapidly and now employs 22 staff – thanks, in part, to assistance from the NSW Government's Innovate NSW program.

The $10,000 funding provided through Innovate NSW allowed Divvy Parking to fast track technology development and move from a peer-to-peer model to a more scalable business-to-business model. It also provided some resourcing for the relationship building that has recently generated $2.5 million in private  sector investment.

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