Frequently asked questions

Council co-funding is eligible. This is an expected source of co-contribution for council applicants.

Applicants should provide detail as best they can as this will support their application to be assessed as to whether the project is fully scoped and represents value for money.

Yes, please mark ‘regional’ on page 2 of the application form.

Yes eligible applicants can submit a maximum of two applications.

For example, seven additional hours per week for an existing part-time employee or seven hours paid to a contractor to deliver the project on behalf of the organisation?


Part C - Project Budget includes a section on project income, but it only shows the applicant’s funding and the co-funding. Where do I write how much we are requesting?

The amount of funding an applicant is applying for is calculated as follows:

Funding request amount = total project expenditure - total project income (applicant co-funding and partner co-funding)

Project costs that in most cases should be supported by a quotation must be GST inclusive. Applicant and partner co-funding amounts should also be GST inclusive for consistency.

If the applicant is applying for the maximum grant amount of $50,000, their project budget should therefore be for $55,000.

What is the percentage of cash co-funding required?

There is no minimum percentage of cash co-funding that is required. However, the level of co-funding is a selection criteria that applications are assessed against.