Drivers and opportunities

The Central Coast is well serviced by transport infrastructure, with passenger and freight rail connections throughout the region. It is also a strategic east coast location for logistics including warehousing, distribution and movement of freight. This provides cost effective  access to multiple consumer markets and export opportunities.

The food processing industry, already a significant employer in the region, has further growth potential with opportunity to leverage the growing demand from Asia for agri-products.

The Central Coast is potentially attractive to businesses seeking a location that offers development opportunities through available employment land, lower costs of doing business and affordable commercial rent relative
to Sydney.

Access to the NBN in Gosford and parts of Wyong is a key attraction for business. In light of recent growth trends in service-based industries, there is potential to further develop the knowledge and business sectors of the Central Coast economy.

Around 7% of total Regional NSW tourism dollars are spent in the Central Coast. The visitor economy is expected to continue to grow and provide further economic opportunities.

Human services, particularly the Health Care and Social Assistance sector, are set to continue  as strong regional employment industries, in line with expected population growth and increase in the older population.