Visas and migration

Business group

The New South Wales  Government nominates prospective migrants for a variety of visas if you are interested in living and working in the state. In NSW, skilled workers enjoy globally competitive career opportunities. Business migrants and investors benefit from a thriving economy and students can obtain a world-class education.

Visas and nomination

The NSW Government nominates eligible business owners and investors as  well as highly skilled workers who are qualified in an occupation of benefit to  the NSW economy.

NSW also offers nomination to eligible candidates who are seeking to  live and work in regional NSW.

For more information, visit Visas and migration.

Business migration

If you are a business migrant who is interested in establishing a business or investing in NSW you may be eligible  for NSW nomination under the Business Innovation and Investment Program.

There are several visa options available which are  outlined on the Business Nomination page. These include:

  • Business Talent (subclass 132) visa
  • Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 188/888) visa or the
  • Significant Investor visa

Each has its own criteria and conditions and NSW encourages prospective applicants to select the option most suitable to their circumstances.

For more information, visit Business Migration.

NSW skilled nominated migration

If you are highly skilled and are seeking an opportunity to migrate to  NSW to live and advance your career you may wish to seek NSW nomination for a  Skilled Nominated visa (190).

For more information, visit NSW Skilled nominated migration (190).

Apart from nomination for the Skilled nominated migration (190) visa,  you may also qualify for NSW nomination for a Skilled regional nominated  migration (489) visa. Through regional migration, skilled workers enjoy the many work opportunities, lifestyle benefits and services  available in the regions of NSW.

For more information, visit Skilled Regional Nominated Migration (489).

NSW migration resources

The NSW Government offers online resources to assist you with moving to  NSW and settling in the state. For more information, visit Migration resources.