NSW step-by-step investment guide

Step 1 - Research and planning

Researching the local market

NSW Government can provide information that helps you understand Sydney and NSW. We can provide material on the size of the economy, growth trends, international trade and more.

Preparing a business plan

We can assist companies to fill the gaps when preparing a business plan. We frequently provide data on business costs and also provide information that benchmarks NSW against other locations.

Visiting the market

Whether you need to meet regulators, industry partners or supply chain networks, we can arrange a suite of meetings that makes your visit a productive one.

Licensing, taxation and regulation

With a long history of facilitating investments, we can bring you up to speed on regulations and taxes that affect your project. Should you need to meet a particular authority, we can save you time and effort by facilitating relevant introductions.

Step 2 - Setting up in Sydney

Select a site

We have a footprint that spans the state and can can advise you on locations that suit the specific needs of your project. We have information on where industry clusters are located, local infrastructure, the current supply of land and the cost of real estate. For companies considering regional NSW, we can provide advice on incentives that may be available.

Planning and approvals

We can facilitate and assist with regulatory approval processes.

Hiring staff

We can help investors recruit with data on local skills and average salary costs. We can introduce your company  to local training institutions and fast-track the recruitment process with introductions to local recruitment firms.

Accessing utilities and infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure is a crucial factor in any investment. We can provide advice on the availability of local infrastructure and facilitate introductions to local telecommunications providers, electricity and water utilities and other infrastructure providers.

Sourcing local supply chain networks

We have a network of offices throughout NSW and funds the Industry Capability Network, an organisation that links companies to the supply chains of major projects.

Step 3 - Growing your investment

Engaging with local industry bodies and networks

We have strong connections with local industry associations and are able to facilitate introductions between investors and relevant industry groups.

Research and development

NSW has an excellent research and development infrastructure. We are able to introduce potential investors to appropriate NSW research and development institutions.

Promoting investments

The NSW Government is able to promote new investments through its business publications.

Your next step - investing in NSW

If you are contemplating a significant investment in NSW, contact our Invest Team