Yingli brings solar boost for NSW

15 August 2013

Leading Chinese solar energy company and the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturer Yingli Solar has chosen Sydney as the location for its Australian operations.

Attending the formal launch of Yingli's new Australian office in Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, 8 August 2013, NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy, Rob Stokes, said it would further support NSW's position as a vital hub for the global renewables industry.

"Yingli's investment is great news for Sydney and great news for NSW's growing reputation as a leading centre in the Asia-Pacific for energy technology and services," Mr Stokes said.

"Yingli's decision to locate their new Australian office here in Sydney is further confirmation of the high regard in which our State is held by international investors and companies in this sector." 

The latest IBIS report on Renewable Energy in Australia shows NSW is home to around 45 per cent of renewable energy businesses in Australia.

As well as being Australia's commercial and financial services capital, Sydney is also the preferred HQ for a significant cluster of energy companies and professional services firms with many years experience in carbon trading.

A strong renewable energy industry in NSW will play a vital role in addressing future energy needs and in supporting economic and job growth in NSW.

The NSW Government is committed to supporting the national target of 20 per cent renewable energy by 2020.

Yingli Solar is signed up to deliver a number of important projects for the State, including what is expected to be Australia's largest collective building-mounted photovoltaic solar program for the City of Sydney.