Support for North Coast brewery expansion

23 August 2014

Stone & Wood Brewery, NSW, Australia

NSW Government is providing funding to support a Byron Bay brewing company to expand its operations.

Stone & Wood Brewing Company Pty Ltd has spent twelve months establishing a second brewery in Murwillumbah that will create up to 17 new jobs and more than double its manufacturing capacity.

Assistance from the NSW Regional Industries Investment Fund (RIIF) will help meet some of the local infrastructure costs associated with the project.

In only five and a half years Stone & Wood Brewing has grown from a micro-brewery producing 200,000 litres of beer per annum to a regional craft brewer brewing 2 million litres of beer per annum and winning numerous regional, state and national awards along the way.

The company is well positioned to take advantage of a growing South East Queensland population and increasing its manufacturing capacity will allow it to compete with the two dominant brewers in Australia.

Stone & Wood is unique to the region. There are no other craft brewers located on the North Coast that manufacture locally and on the same scale as Stone & Wood and it is the only craft brewery of its size located outside of metropolitan Sydney.

It is one of four nationally recognised brewing companies of its size in Australia and one of only two in NSW.

The NSW Government is committed to supporting projects that build capacity in local regional industries that generate economic benefits including employment, business or industry development and growth.

Since April 2011, the Regional Industries Investment Fund has supported the creation 8,070 full time jobs and helped generate investment of almost $1 billion ($997.2 million) in regional NSW.