Solar energy provider powers renewable energy and jobs

31 March 2014

Photo of the Sungevity 2014 launch.

The NSW Government has welcomed the Sydney expansion of solar energy provider Sungevity Australia, which will create at least 100 new jobs for the State and provide a renewable energy alternative to households and businesses.

Sungevity Australia opened in Byron Bay around 12 months ago and had grown so quickly it had decided to set up premises in Sydney.

Since starting the move to Sydney Sungevity has already expanded from four to around 50 people.

Conservative estimates expect that number to grow to at least 100 in the next three years. Plus they will be utilising contract teams of installers right throughout NSW, which will create even more jobs.

Their move to Sydney will not only help the company grow but also provide greater access to our State's world-leading solar energy expertise.

Sungevity Australia Managing Director Nick Lake said the company is an innovative solar provider that helps households and businesses adopt energy alternatives - from setting up manageable financing options to installation of the most effective and cutting edge solar solutions.

"Our business is a joint venture with US-based company Sungevity. The US company was set up in 2007 by Andrew Birch and Danny Kennedy, who both coincidentally have ties with NSW, as well as a third partner Alec Guettal," Mr Lake said

"In fact, Andrew completed studies at the University of NSW, School Of Photovoltaics, which is internationally-renowned for solar expertise and the graduates it has produced.

"Sungevity in the US has gone from strength to strength and was recently featured in the New York Times for combining its clean energy ethos with commercial success. It is evident that Sungevity Australia is set to duplicate that success. Sydney is an ideal location for our growing business.

"It allows us to have close proximity to key partners and investors, and enables us greater access to top talent. In particular, the universities in the area offer fantastic renewable energy and photovoltaic programs."

NSW Trade & Investment had supported Sungevity Australia's entry to the market with information on the sector, key introductions and information on appropriate Government programs.

Sungevity Australia demonstrates the potential of the NSW Government's Renewable Energy Action Plan, which seeks to facilitate the uptake of residential and commercial scale solar energy alternatives.

NSW presently has more than 8500MW of renewable energy projects underway - almost half of all proposed energy projects.

It is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and one of the world's top 10 growth sectors according to IBIS World research. 

"I am keenly aware of the importance of companies such as Sungevity Australia to our State and our sustainable energy future," Mr Stokes said.

"The renewable energy industry is a major contributor to new jobs and investment right throughout NSW and Sungevity's expansion highlights the opportunities being created."