Procurement toolkit for Western Sydney now available

23 January 2017

Western Sydney procurement toolkit cropped

The Australian and NSW governments, Australian Industry Group (AiGroup), Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sydney, Western Sydney Business Connection, Western Sydney Business Chamber, and Industry Capability Network (ICN) NSW have partnered to develop and produce a Western Sydney procurement toolkit.

Why do we need a procurement toolkit?

The NSW Government is committed to supporting businesses to succeed and grow, and creating local job opportunities.

Many small to medium businesses, whether they are starting up or well established, are unclear on how they can build their business by securing a contract to supply their goods / services to large companies or government. The process can seem daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

The procurement toolkit provides a list of tender opportunities and tender requirements for a range of companies across Western Sydney. This makes it easier for small business to access this information and pursue opportunities to expand through tendering.

Supporting local business and job creation in Western Sydney

The toolkit has been developed to assist businesses in Western Sydney to identify supply opportunities, and increase their knowledge of requirements to tender. The Western Sydney procurement initiative aims to enable a greater percentage of funds being spent with local suppliers, therefore supporting local jobs, economic prosperity and social benefits across Western Sydney.

Key government and non-government organisations have highlighted their procurement requirements and processes in the toolkit with the hope of developing relationships with suppliers across Western Sydney and increasing their local spend.


The Western Sydney procurement toolkit is part of a broader strategic procurement initiative which also included a series of workshops to teach local businesses how to win large supply chain contracts. These workshops were a chance for Western Sydney businesses to learn what major suppliers require when awarding contracts, such as business certifications and quality assurance requirements.

Workshops were held across Western Sydney in 2016, with 95% of participating businesses saying they felt more confident in tendering, and 94% reporting they intend to follow up with new opportunities to supply to government and large corporations.

Download the toolkit

Download the Western Sydney procurement toolkit.Airplane at airport being loaded, a man with safety glasses operating equipment, designers looking at plans, construction site, new graduate in robes and mortar board being kissed by his mother, surgeons in an operating theatre