NSW to showcase digital dozen at CEBIT Australia 2011

10 May 2011

The NSW Government through the Office of Trade, Business and Industry (OTBI) will showcase 12 of the State's best emerging technology companies and their cutting edge products at CeBIT Australia later this month.

CeBIT Australia, the country's biggest information and communications technology (ICT) exhibition, will be back at Darling Harbour from 31 May to 2 June.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Stoner welcomed that Germany will be the inaugural partner country for CeBIT Australia.

'CeBIT Australia will be used by the NSW Government as an important platform for promoting NSW technology strengths to a national and international audience, as well as promoting our State as the premier Asia Pacific business investment location,' Mr Stoner said.

'The NSW stand at the exhibition will promote the innovative capabilities of a selection ofour best technology small and medium sized enterprises to help support smart jobs andbusinesses for the State's future.

'Companies selected for the NSW stand at CeBIT Australia include technologies rangingfrom mobile, cloud and VOIP operations through to e-learning technologies, businessautomation tools and even a mind reading headset for gamers, researchers anddevelopers.'

Mr Stoner said CeBIT Australia 2011 will have a strong focus on mobile computing orenterprise mobility taking in rapid growing technology areas like wireless networks andmobile devices and applications.

'As research company Gartner has noted, a focus from business on greater enterprise andIT productivity has seen cloud computing, mobile technologies and networking, voice anddata communications become the leading priorities this year for Australian and NewZealand CIOs,' Mr Stoner said.

'This year's CeBIT Australia sees the introduction of a new partner country initiative topromote international investment and technology exports.

'Germany will be the inaugural partner country for CeBIT Australia, with NSW andGermany both committed to building their ICT industries and strengthening internationallinkages.'

Companies on the NSW stand at CeBIT Australia 2011

  • Blink Mobile Interactive of Gosford - mobilisation platform for accessing content on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. blinkmobile.com.au
  • Selera of Wollongong - produces "DataIgnition", an agile platform used to correct business database problems. www.selera.com.au
  • BrainGauge - a world-first technology for assessing the ability of customer contact centre applicants to deal with high volume workloads. www.braingauge.com.au
  • Cocoon Data - high security data protection technology for the digital transfer of information assets. 
  • Emotiv - mind reading headset that uses sensors to read the thoughts of users and connect them wirelessly to PCs for gaming, research and development. emotiv.com
  • Netventures - latest video streaming technology for delivering online video content, broadcasting platforms and e-learning programs. www.netventures.tv
  • Orion Virtualisation Solutions - high performance, cloud-based system for hosting mission critical, high capacity web applications and services. www.orionvm.com.au
  • ReadCloud - eReading software for schools and libraries, allowing teachers and students to share text, picture or video within eBooks. readcloud.com
  • SolveXia - powerful, low-cost platform to automate a wide variety of manual business processes such as weekly sales reports and monthly accounts etc. www.solvexia.com
  • Switch Automation - automation services to control lighting and power management and to integrate and control electronic systems in smart homes and workplaces. www.switchautomation.com
  • Tegatech - offers the latest developments in tablet PC technology and mobile computing solutions. tegatech.com.au
  • Vtalk - easy to use technology that allows an office's phone system to operate via the internet using voice over IP (VOIP) saving call costs. vtalk.com