NSW to boost global reputation for biotech R&D excellence

11 July 2014

A woman at a microscope

Sydney-based biotech company NeuClone announces a major global partnership with the world's largest vaccine producer, The Serum Institute of India, to provide affordable vaccines and treatments for diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disorders.

NeuClone's latest achievement will add a further boost to NSW's global reputation for excellence in research and innovation in biotechnology.

The new partnership will draw on NeuClone's patented technology to generate protein drugs at much reduced cost which, combined with the manufacturing capability of the Serum Institute, means Sydney technology can help to save more lives in more places around the world.

Growth through NSW Government grants and programs

The NSW Government has supported NeuClone's growth in recent years, particularly in helping the company strengthen its global connections through its membership in the Australian Technology Showcase.

The NSW Government awarded NeuClone a grant to conduct collaborative research with the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, under the multi-million dollar Innovate NSW TechVouchers program.

The grant allows eligible SMEs to collaborate with a NSW research organisation to overcome a specific technical challenge or to test a new technology.

TechVouchers is helping innovative SMEs tap into world-class NSW research expertise in a range of areas including education, health and agriculture.

The targeted assistance for SMEs helps them bring new business-to-business products and services to market, and to open up new high growth business and export opportunities. For more information on TechVouchers and Innovate NSW see Innovate NSW.