Delivering a strong framework for the CSG industry

21 November 2014

A gas flame

Securing the state's vital gas supplies is underway with the first key action achieved from the NSW Government's Gas Plan one week after its release.

Developed in conjunction with scientific evidence, the Plan sets the tone for how the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry will be managed in the future.

In the first action, yesterday the NSW Parliament passed legislation to extinguish 16 Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELs) stretching across 43% of the state.

The NSW Government will now decide which areas will be released for exploration and to whom under a new Strategic Release Framework. 

It will identify appropriate areas for gas exploration after a careful assessment of economic, environmental and social factors with community consultation to take place up front. 

The title area would then go out for expressions of interest so the government could identify the most suitable and capable proponents.

The freeze on new applications will remain until the new system is in place.

The NSW Gas Plan

The Plan is a clear, strategic framework and will deliver world's best practice standards and regulation for the CSG industry.

Under the NSW Gas Plan, the government will:

  • Make better science and information available to decision-makers and the community.
  • Take a more strategic approach to issuing petroleum exploration titles.
  • Introduce strong and certain regulation with a lead regulator responsible for compliance and enforcement of conditions of approval for gas activities in NSW.
  • Share the benefits of gas development with landholders and local communities.
  • Secure gas supplies by exploring all supply options.

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