Cutting the cost of solar power with technology developed in NSW

6 February 2015

Solar cells on a roof

Solar company, Sungevity Australia is using new technology to reduce the cost of installing solar panels. The company is one of the first in Australia to customise a solar power system for individual rooftops without the expense of visiting the site.

Technology developed in Sydney

Using an application developed in Sydney, Sungevity Australia matches satellite images with commercially available aerial photos of metropolitan areas.

This produces a 3D image of each roof that is accurate enough for Sungevity Australia's engineers to design a solar power system for the shape and orientation of each customer's home or business, as well as the customer's electricity needs.

Choosing Sydney

"Sydney has become a centre for the renewable energy industry," said Nick Lake, Managing Director of Sungevity Australia.

"The Australian finance industry is centred in Sydney, and consumer finance is an important part of our business model. The University of NSW is a recognised leader in photovoltaic technology, and we have already hired several graduates from its School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering."

Sungevity Australia located its national headquarters to Sydney in 2013.

NSW is home to 45% of renewable energy businesses in Australia, according to IBISWorld (May 2012).

Assisted by NSW Trade & Investment

NSW Trade & Investment provided support and assistance for Sungevity Australia to establish its national office in Sydney.

"The department provided valuable contacts and introductions to potential customers, suppliers, and financiers, introducing us to property managers, finding office space, and generally helping us settle-in," Mr Lake said.

NSW Trade & Investment also provided market information and details of relevant government programs to support the growth of its business.

More information

Read the full Sungevity case study on our website or download the Sungevity case study PDF.

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