Investment in NSW mineral resources

Mining, resources and energy are an essential part of the New South Wales (NSW) economy, driven by world class and diverse mineral, coal, gas and construction material resources and exploration opportunities.

It is backed by highly developed infrastructure such as ports and rail links, low average operating costs and a sound and stable regulatory regime. It also benefits from the highly skilled workforce and mining services sector in NSW.

World class resources

The quality of world class resources in NSW underpins the state's position as a major global producer and exporter of minerals and energy resources and products.

Collectively, the NSW mining, resources and energy sector contributed significantly to the state's economy, thanks to ongoing demand for raw materials from Asia, especially Japan, Republic of Korea and China.

Coal remains the largest single export product in value terms from NSW, followed by major metal exports from world class deposits include gold, copper, lead, silver, zinc and mineral sands.

Opportunities for investment

There are many investment opportunities in the NSW mining, resources and energy sector — from green field exploration to world class mines.

The NSW Government actively works to attract business to the state through initiatives designed to facilitate growth for individual sectors.

One of the government initiatives that give NSW its key competitive advantages is the quality and accessibility of its geosciences data, made available through the Geological Survey of NSW.

Geological Survey work programs are designed to lower the risk for mineral and energy explorers by providing pre-competitive data and using leading edge modelling technologies.

The New Frontiers Exploration Initiative is the government's commitment to optimising mineral exploration and opportunities for investment in NSW.

New Frontiers provides continuity of funding for the provision of geoscience services and products which are tailored to meet industry needs.

Support for industry

Industry Investment and Export Support Branch

The role of the department's Industry Investment and Export Support Branch is to support and attract local and offshore investment to the resource and energy sector. The branch is also the primary contact point through which industry may interact with the NSW Government.

The branch will help companies with projects to successfully navigate through all areas of government to facilitate investment and help resolve any issues. It is also able to assist potential investors with introductions and meeting with company representatives to assist investment in their projects.