Revitalising Newcastle

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The NSW Government’s vision for the Hunter is to generate a leading regional economy with a vibrant new metropolitan city at its heart.

The government is investing over $500 million into the Revitalising Newcastle program to deliver a mix of urban transformation, land development and transport projects, including a new light rail line in the city centre.

The Hunter Development Corporation is leading the program, working in partnership with Transport for NSW and key stakeholders including the community, local government, industry and business to shape the revitalisation of the city centre.

The program will deliver new infrastructure in the city and will work with the private market to create new and innovative opportunities, providing prospects for investment at key iconic sites.

The program follows government investment in the University of Newcastle’s NeW Space campus, which opened in July 2017, and the Newcastle Law Courts, which opened in 2016.

Both projects demonstrate the growing confidence in Newcastle as a city in which to invest.

Revitalising Newcastle will deliver:

  • revitalised land, providing education and affordable housing opportunities, mixed use development, tourist destinations and public open space including the new Market Street Lawn
  • Newcastle Interchange, a new multi-modal transport interchange at Wickham in the city’s west
  • light rail between Newcastle Interchange and Pacific Park, reinvigorating the city’s once thriving main street.



2.7km of light rail and 4.2hectares of urban transformation in the city centre.


The program aims to:

  • bring people back to Newcastle’s city centre
  • reconnect the city to its waterfront
  • help grow new jobs in the city centre
  • create great places linked to new transport
  • create economically sustainable public domain and community assets
  • preserve and enhance the city centre’s heritage and culture.


Commencing in 2014, the program will continue to plan and deliver urban transformation outcomes, supported by new infrastructure including the Newcastle Interchange in 2017 and brand new light rail in 2019.


Throughout 2016, heavy rail infrastructure was removed from the surplus heavy rail corridor and a section called Market Street Lawn was remediated and opened early for public use. Rezoning the corridor is underway, as is major infrastructure construction, which will include light rail construction in late 2017.

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