Central to Eveleigh

Waterloo Station concept

The Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation Strategy outlines an ambition, vision and 10 key moves that will guide renewal of 50 hectares of government-owned land around the railway corridor between Central and Erskineville stations. Renewal and development of government land provides opportunities for new commercial, retail, residential and educational development all within five kilometres of the centre of Sydney.



50 hectares of government-owned land along the three kilometre rail corridor.


The Urban Transformation Strategy identifies precincts for the delivery of more homes alongside better public transport, new parks and community facilities. Planning will identify how to renew Central, Redfern and North and South Eveleigh precincts along the rail corridor, including through potential over station development. A new Metro Station at Waterloo will also unlock the renewal of the surrounding precinct, including new  and more social and affordable housing mixed with market housing on the Waterloo Estate.


The Urban Transformation Strategy was released in late 2016 as a reference document to the Central District Plan being prepared by the Greater Sydney Commission. Masterplanning and delivery will now be taken forward as linked, but separate, projects being led by Transport for NSW and the Department of Family and Community Services with support from UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation.


Masterplanning for each precinct of land will occur progressively over the short to medium term and development will be staged over time, according to market demand, creating a development pipeline for central Sydney.

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